Vancouver, BC

Software developer. Supporter of bad-ass women. Definitely not a morning person.


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I am a frontend developer with a Computer Engineering degree from UBC and 4 years of industry experience under my belt. I believe that effective communication and storytelling are at the cornerstone of all successful conversations, partnerships, and businesses. As a highly empathetic person, I love gaining a deeper understanding of people by hearing their nuanced life stories. My current focus is finding projects that integrate social issues and human connections with technology. I want to take a closer look at how we can leverage technology to foster connections as opposed to providing a space to disconnect.

Other interests include: women's rights, long hikes over mountainous terrain, big cups of coffee, and fluffy dogs.

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Working on exercising my passionate debating skills in a kick ass work environment. Taking every opportunity give to me to learn from all star developers on making our product better and better every day.

Safe Software

As part of the frontend web user interface team, I took the lead on restructuring their Server tool. In charge of transitioning the product to a state where the interface enabled the user to flow through tasks more easily and reduce cognitive load.


Integral part of the team that designed the prototype for Syncholar, a social platform to connect professionals in academia and allow them to share research data.

Tzoa Air Quality Tracker

Team lead on an 8 month project to get an Android application up and running for Tzoa, a wearable air quality tracker. A thoroughly challenging project with some unique problems such as designing an infinitely scalable system that can handle millions of data points.



Got a project that you want some help on? Shoot me a message at


Rubiks - a free website template

A free website template based after this very website you are looking at now. Checkout a preview of the template here.

a11y cat

A lunch and learn I gave on web accessibility and its importance in the tech community. Hot tip: to view the speaker notes, hit the S key on your keyboard.


A pure javascript lightbox viewer.


A lil music playing web app.

Pick Me

A code equivalent of a doodle on my unique skillset as a person.


Guest Speaker at Django Girls Vancouver

I got to speak to a group of 30 women on why CSS is so cool.

Tech Expert at Women In Tech Week

I had the opportunity to be one of five tech experts that engaged high school girls in discussions about workin in technology.

Mentor at Ladies Learning Code

Helping super cool ladies dip their toes in the world of web development.

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